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invertobee 50-PV

New Pre-Order invertobee 50-PV

Invertase with vitamins and proteins for apiculture

A mixture (1 kg) that is suitable for 100% sugar inversion of 500 kg of sugar syrup 50% w/w (250 kg of sugar in 250 kg of water).

Ideal combination for the production of invert sugar syrup enforced with excellent quality proteins and vitamins. Used to stimulate birth of the queen and to give the missing strength to beehives that are missing pollen.

Time needed for inversion: 10 hours at 30°C.

The products, apart from invertase enzyme, contain the following food-grade ingredients:

  • acidity regulators: lemon powder, citric acid, tartaric acid and malic acid.
  • texture regulators: glucose, maltose, various sugars.
  • proteins, vitamins: up to 40% protein content, full vitamin supplement suitable for bees.

50-PV composition

Why use Invertobee ?

  • Inverted sugar syrup increases the average life of bees.
  • Invertase reduces feeding cost.
  • Use of invertase promotes good health of bees.
  • Invertobee helps bee-keeper's capital increase.
  • Invertobee helps in special bee culture handling.

Operating Conditions
Temperature (°C)20-30
Concentration (% sugar)50
Inversion time (h)8
  • Our products are used already by thousands of professional bee-keepers
  • During beefood production, there is no HMF produced (less than detection limit)
  • You can reach very high inversion degree easily
  • You have 30-50% feeding cost reduction
  • Our products are the quickest and easiest to use
  • After successful order you can download multilingual operation manual of the product you purchased
  • Our products are patent pending
  • Product Code: invertobee 50-PV
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • 62.00€
  • 2 or more 59.00€
  • 4 or more 55.00€

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