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About Us

Information about invertobee


We serve industrial companies since 1996 providing process equipment and raw materials for various applications.

Where it all started

We have been using invertase enzyme in diverse industrial operations, and on 2015, listening to the needs of the apiculture customers, we started designing and testing our products, together with commercial bee-keepers in Greece.


After extensive research we finallized the development of invertobee products that are helping bee-keepers make top quality bee food, either syrup or paste.


Our mission is to help honey bee industry to produce excellent quality bee food at reduced cost.

Join us

Our products are used by thousands of bee-keepers, in Greece, in other European countries, and in other parts of the world. To make this happen we continuously listen to you, and should you have an idea for a new product based on invertase, do not hesitate to contact us. You can easily be a part of this cycle with this e-shop through a simple shopping process. You can also request to become our affiliate using our contact form.

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