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tctn7Q 16/19/2021 0 5271
What’s the secret for healthy and productive beehives?   Beekeeping is a profession that requires respect and proper care of our greatest assets, honey bees. That means understanding when it’s time to provide supplemental food. Failure to notice when these times are can result in:   Reduced vitality of the worker bees, which can result in few..
tctn7Q 16/06/2021 0 1715
Solubility of sugars in water as a function of temperature ..
tctn7Q 02/28/2018 0 5356
When we need to produce sugar syrup 1/1 (one part of water for every part of sugar per weight), we can select one of following products: Invertobee S-50-C with operation temperature between 18 to 65ºC Invertobee S-50-W with operation temperature between 50 to 65ºC The difference between these two products is the invertase concentration. Forme..
27/23/2018 0 2132
Benefits of invertase useInvertase is an enzyme that is secreted by the bee, that breaks down sucrose which exists in the nectar collected by the bees, or in the syrup supplied to the bees, to glucose and fructose. These sugars are monosaccharides and can be assimilated easily by the bees. Therefore, use of invertase in sugar syrups, helps the..
26/53/2018 0 870
Below you can find guidelines for our product use for every season, based on the common practice for most of our customers. During spring and summer we need more water in the feed supplies than we do during the other seasons.Product / SeasonSpringSummerFallWinterInvertobee 50-CInvertobee 50-W✔✔Invertobee 66-W✔Invertobee 73-z✔✔..
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