When we need to produce sugar syrup 1/1 (one part of water for every part of sugar per weight), we can select one of following products:

  1. Invertobee S-50-C with operation temperature between 18 to 65ºC
  2. Invertobee S-50-W with operation temperature between 50 to 65ºC

The difference between these two products is the invertase concentration. Former product has higher invertase content, something that enables us to operate in room temperature as well.

Heating cost is 3 to 5 EUR per ton, depending on the heat medium used.

Operation with any of these products results in same final result, so if we have the tank capacity with heating, then most economic product is Invertobee S-50-W.

However, since Invertobee S-50-C enables us to make cold inversion, we can exploit the time we spend to travel to the apiary. Also, this product operates even in high temperatures in case we don’t have much time available.

The choice is yours!