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Ιnvertase for Beekeeping

Our new Invertobee brand has been developed especially for honeybee industry, aiming to help professional beekeepers in the production of right feed for their bees and the sustainable development of the bee cultures.

Invertase is an enzyme that splits the molecule of sucrose, into glucose and fructose, the principal components of honey.

Our Invertobee complex products include invertase enzyme plus selected pH-regulators safe for the bees. Under demand we can produce mixtures upon your specific requirements combining excellent sources of vitamins and proteins as well.

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  • Inverted sugar syrup increases the average life of bees.
  • Invertase reduces feeding cost.
  • Use of invertase promotes good health of bees.
  • Invertobee helps bee-keeper's capital increase.
  • Invertobee helps in special bee culture handling.
  • Our products are the quickest and easiest to use.
  • Used in sugar-syrup or sugar paste.
  • Used from 20 to 60°C.
  • Produced in the form of powder.