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invertobee 66-C

invertobee 66-C
invertobee 66-C
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  • Weight: 350.00g
  • Dimensions: 26.00cm x 14.00cm x 3.00cm
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Prepare easily invert sugar syrup for honey bee growth and wax production

A mixture (350 g) that is suitable for 100% sugar inversion of 1,000 kg of sugar syrup 65-68 % w/w (e.g. 650 kg of sugar in 350 kg of water).

Time needed for inversion: 8 hours at 50-60°C, 16 hours at 30°C, 36 hours at 17-20°C.

The products, apart from invertase enzyme, contain the following food-grade ingredients:

  • acidity regulators: lemon powder, citric acid, tartaric acid and malic acid.
  • texture regulators: glucose, maltose, various sugars.

Why use Invertobee ?

  • Inverted sugar syrup increases the average life of bees.
  • Invertase reduces feeding cost.
  • Use of invertase promotes good health of bees.
  • Invertobee helps bee-keeper's capital increase.
  • Invertobee helps in special bee culture handling.

Operating Conditions
Temperature (°C) 20-60
Concentration (% sugar) 68
Inversion time (h) 8-36
  • Our products are used already by thousands of professional bee-keepers
  • During beefood production, there is no HMF produced (less than detection limit)
  • You can reach very high inversion degree easily
  • You have 30-50% feeding cost reduction
  • Our products are the quickest and easiest to use
  • After successful order you can download multilingual operation manual of the product you purchased
  • Our products are patent pending
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